Any Qualified Provider (AQP)

Any qualified provider (AQP) is a type of NHS contract, which allows non NHS as well as NHS organisations to provide NHS services.  AQP contracts apply to West Sussex residents. 

The AQP programme aims to give patients more choice about where they receive selected health services. Patients can choose from a list of providers, based on their own preference and the reputation of the provider offering the service.

All providers offering AQP services have gone through an assessment process in order to become an accredited provider, ensuring that all providers meet pre-defined quality standards. There is no competition on price, because all services will receive a standard tariff for provision against an agreed service specification.

First Community Audiology Services has been providing AQP and non AQP care for the last five years and hold accreditation for the care of both patient groups, meaning the service is able to seamlessly provide care for both routine and more complex needs.  Importantly, this also means that should an individuals needs move from routine to complex, they are able to remain with our service and will not notice any difference in the care they receive, as it will always be bespoke to the individual.

Below is an outline of the type of patients seen under the AQP contract:

  • Patients 55 years and over requiring a hearing assessment or reassessment for suspected or diagnosed age related hearing loss.

An individual’s GP should provide a full choice of audiology providers at the point of referral.  Any individual who does not meet the criteria for an AQP referral for audiology care can still be referred to audiology services; just to an organisation who provide complex care along side the routine AQP care.

Any patient who does not feel they have been provided with a choice of providers can discuss this with the audiology service lead, or the local commissioners, please contact the audiology team for further information.