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Emotional wellbeing

Take a look at our Top Tips for Maintaining Emotional Wellbeing to help you to manage low intensity mental health concerns and maintain emotional wellbeing. This guide should help you to:

  • Prevent minor mental health problems becoming out of control
  • Find an alternative to medication in the first instance
  • Have more control over your symptoms


Staying hydrated

  • Many of us don’t drink enough through the day and this can be detrimental to our health. This fact sheet explains why it is so important to stay hydrated.
  • When you’re hydrated urine is very pale and as you become more dehydrated it gets darker. Use this urine colour chart to help you manage your hydration.
  • Staying hydrated at work can be difficult due to busy schedule. Ready this guide for some top tips on staying hydrated in the workplace.


Preventing falls

  • Our risk of falling increases as we age. Saga, in association with the Charterd Society of Physiotherapy and Public Health England, have produced an excellent guide on how to assess and reduce your risk of falls. Read it here.