First Community Forum! 16th April 2013

Published on 13/03/2013
First Community Health and Care Community Forum

As a social enterprise we have the opportunity to develop services together with the local community. Our Community Forum enables us to work with you to understand the views of the local community and gain a better perspective of the community healthcare need. It also enables us to explore possible new joint ventures and partnerships and provides the community the opportunity to engage with us in future activity and investment proposals.

The Community Forum is open to the public, including service users, carers, volunteers; representatives from any health and social care agencies, GPs, local community groups, local involvement networks, local council, voluntary sector organisations and local businesses.

We want to hear your views and ideas about how well our services are meeting the community healthcare needs, ideas you have for future developments, possible partnerships and/or investments. The Community Forum is a continuous relationship between First Community Health and Care and the community with a range of ways for you to participate.

Please join us our open evening on 16th April  to help us shape the future health care for the local community. Please email to register your interest.

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