Visit the Pop-up Baby Café at Café Ho Sete in the Belfrey Shopping Centre

Published on 19/01/2016

The Caterham, Horley and Oxted Baby Cafés will be hosting their first Pop-up Baby Café and Café Ho Sete in the Belfrey at Redhill on Wednesday 27th January from 1-2.30pm.

The three Baby Cafés have supported 1326 breastfeeding mothers over the last year. The Pop-in Baby Café celebrates the 9th birthday of the Horley Baby Café, the 8th birthday of Redhill, Reigate and Caterham Baby Café and the opening of the new Baby Café in Oxted on the 25th January.

Mothers will be able to pop-in and meet up with other breastfeeding mums. It is a great opportunity to talk to one of the many breastfeeding ‘mum to mum’ peer supporters as well as enjoying coffee and cake. Clare Bishop, a mother who attended the Baby Cafes, has now become a peer supporter and is passing on her advice to other mothers.

It has this reputation amongst new mums that it is a valuable and nice place to go when you have a baby. And that is certainly what I found to be true when I first went when Rose was a few weeks old.  The things that make it stand out from other groups is that you can go and receive breastfeeding support from trained breastfeeding counsellors and advice from health visitors in a relaxed and friendly environment.”

“I believe the power of Baby Café really lies in this concept – “mums supporting mums” […] a friendly smile, piece of cake and a chat with other mums can make all the difference in the world.”

The new Baby Café in Oxted will be opening on Monday 25th January at the Kings Centre on Amy Road between 1.30 -3.00pm. Attendees do not need to have a problem or an appointment to come to the Baby Café, many mothers come along for social support to just meet and chat to other breastfeeding mothers. The Baby Café team can help mothers who are experiencing problems and can provide information and support on a variety of issues such as returning to work, night feeding and introducing family foods or formula milk. 

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