Stay safe in the Sun

Published on 19/06/2017

Following  the Met Office forecast of hot weather in the next few days, here is some advice from NHS England about staying well in the heat. The advice includes:

  • stay out of the heat, cool yourself down, keep your environment cool or find somewhere else that is cool
  • look out for neighbours, family or friends who may be isolated and unable to care for themselves; make sure they are able to keep cool during a heatwave
  • get medical advice if you are suffering from a chronic medical condition or taking multiple medications
  • make sure medicines are stored below 25°C or in the fridge (read the storage instructions on the packaging)
  • carry on taking all prescribed medicines unless advised not to by a medical professional. But be aware that some prescription medicines can reduce your
  • tolerance of heat
  • be alert and if someone is unwell or needs further help

There is more information and advice in the NHS England Beat the Heat leaflet.

At First Community, we'll be taking extra care of the people we are looking after in the hot weather.