COVID cases are rising fast: Test regularly and get vaccinated

Published on Wednesday 16 June 2021
Covid cases are rising fast

Now more than ever it’s important for us all to get vaccinated and make testing twice weekly a routine to help protect our friends, families, and communities.

  • Test regularly 🦠 - even with no symptoms and even if you've been vaccinated, please take a Lateral Flow Test a couple of times a week
  • Get vaccinated 💉 - vaccines are working, and are available for everyone over 25, get booked up ASAP at
  • Stay safe and remember Hands 👏 Face 😷 Space ↔️ Fresh Air 🌥

The vaccine reduces (but does not eliminate) the chances of catching COVID-19 and passing it on, and of serious illness. There is a huge drive nationally to work quickly through the age groups to make sure we’ll all vaccinated, so its important residents get the jab when it’s offered to them.

Around 1 in 3 people with coronavirus do not show symptoms, so can spread the virus to others without knowing. Testing regularly will help to reduce the risk, particularly before meeting friends, family and loved ones outside of your household.

For more information on how to access testing and vaccinations visit