Dietitians release videos and online resources to support people at home

Published on Friday 1 May 2020

Dietitians release videos and online resources to support people at home

To support people during the COVID-19 pandemic our Dietitians, Juliette Harmer and Kate Evans have complied a range of online resources to support people at home. 

The dietitians webpage now includes a series of videos demonstrating how to make a variety nourishing drinks and snacks to help malnourished individuals and their carers in the community. The videos explain how to make a range of appetising fortified products including milk, milkshake, juicy drinks, soup and a dessert and the ingredients that are needed so they can be made in the comfort of peoples homes. 

These products are very useful for people who have lost weight or people who have a poor appetite and can't eat very much. 

There is also a COVID-19 Food First Advice Sheet, which helps to support people who have experienced symptoms leading to a poor appetite or weight loss.  This ‘Food First’ approach may help to increase nutritional intake and prevent further weight loss. 

Following the launch of these online resources, Kate Evans, Prescribing Support Dietitian said: “We decided to record these videos to demonstrate how easy it is to make nourishing drinks at home. The nourishing drinks recipes are rich in calories and protein so a great way to boost someone’s nutrition and also count towards their fluid intake. They are really useful for those who may be malnourished, are losing weight or have a poor appetite, and are part of the ‘Food First’ advice we provide to our patients. We hope to use these in our training sessions for care homes and share them with patients and their relatives and carers to encourage people to make these drinks at home”.

Access the online resources here