First Community has another fantastic year of NHS Staff Survey results

Published on Thursday 11 March 2021
NHS Staff Survey results

First Community is proud to release the results of their 2020 NHS staff survey. The feedback in the annual survey is extremely positive with the majority of staff indicating First Community really is an outstanding health care provider and employer.

Over 330 staff took part in the survey with a response rate of 75%, compared with 62% for similar organisations. 

Staff feedback includes:

  • 91% of respondents said the care of patients/service users is the organisations top priority (this is in comparison to 83% across similar community providers)
  • 89% of staff would be happy with the standard care if offered to a friend or relative (this is in comparison to 78% across similar community providers )
  • 80% would recommend First Community as a place to work (this is in comparison to 70% across similar community providers).

­­­­­­­Reflecting on the results Sarah Billiald, Chief Executive commented: “I am thrilled with these results, especially given the extraordinary circumstances we have faced this year.  

"Our staff are highly engaged and determined to provide outstanding care to all our patients, this year they have responded to the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic with  professionalism, resilience and an innovative approach .

"Here at First Community we provide first rate care by first rate people. We highly value and invest in our staff and these staff survey results reflect our approach.  

"The survey results show how we are doing this and I feel our focus on employee wellbeing, flexibility and innovation has really helped us achieve these strong results.

"If you are considering a career in health care with a CQC rated “outstanding” organisation visit our webpage.”