First Community's Tissue Viability Nurse provides top tips on preventing pressure ulcers

Published on Thursday 19 November 2020

 Do you know what a pressure ulcer is? What you can do to prevent pressure ulcers and what to do if you have a pressure ulcer?

Stop the Pressure Day takes place today across the globe to raise awareness of pressure ulcers and the importance on identifying them quickly.

Following a rise in the number of pressure ulcers to the heels during the first national lockdown, nurses from the Tissue Viability and Podiatry teams held a question and answer session for staff at First Community to discuss the importance of identifying heel pressure ulcers quickly; showing the type of the equipment and aides available to patients to offload pressure; and answer any questions staff had about pressure ulcers. 

A leaflet and short video (below) has been created, sharing useful information and knowledge to help prevent pressure ulcers from forming and affecting so many people each year.