New web pages for coping with minor illnesses and injuries in babies and children

Know when to seek help if your baby or child is unwell
Published on Thursday 12 August 2021

The Healthy Surrey website now provides parents and carers with advice and information on how to manage minor illnesses and injuries in babies and children.

Fiona Whitaker, Senior Commissioner for Paediatric Services at Surrey Heartlands, said: “When babies and children are unwell it can be a really worrying time for parents and carers and it’s important that they know when to seek help, as well as being able to treat minor illnesses and injuries safely at home.

“This new information on the Healthy Surrey website provides easy to follow details for the most common ailments and injuries. I would encourage parents, grandparents and carers across Surrey to take a look so they know what to do when the time comes and to bookmark these pages on their web browser for easy future use.”

The information has been developed by members of the paediatric team across Surrey Heartlands. It signposts to NHS information for common ailments such as high temperature, rashes, vomiting, and breathing problems along with clear information on when to seek further help.

Additionally, information on how to treat injuries in babies and children such as sprains, burns, and head injuries, has been added to Healthy Surrey. This signposts visitors to the excellent Red Cross First Aid website.

Visit the pages: