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First Community children’s dieticians launch fussy eating and complex feeding online resource

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Published on Thursday 20 June 2024

The First Community children’s dieticians have launched a new, free resource for families and carers who are struggling with their children’s eating.

The webpage starts with an explanation of the difference between ‘fussy eating’ and ‘complex feeding difficulties’ which will help people identify what resources they need to access.

The webpage features a range of information available, split into easy to access sections such as online courses, self-help programmes, support groups and nutritional information and much more.

Kate Stokes, Children’s Dietitian who has worked on the resource said: “Our hope is that this information and collection of resources on fussy and complex feeding will be a support for both families and other professionals.”

Fussy eating behaviours are often something that has developed over a period of time, and families can feel very stuck. For many children fussy eating is a normal developmental stage that they pass through. The webpage has links to websites that can offer support and practical tips for helping children move forward with their eating.

Complex feeding or avoidant /restrictive food intake disorder (AFRID) can involve a child avoiding or restricting their food intake for several reasons including sensitivity to texture or taste, a past distressing experience with food or generally having a poor appetite.

The webpage contains links to online courses, support groups and webinars.

There is also nutritional information written by the children’s dieticians on topics such as ‘improving nutrition for fussy eaters’ and ‘helping children take vitamins and mineral supplements’ which contain practical advice and product recommendations.

You can visit the webpage by clicking here

More information about the First Community Dietetic service can be found on our website here.