Ask 3 questions

Asking 3 questions* will help you make the right choices for your health.

Ask 3 questions


Normally there will be choices to make about your healthcare. For example, you may be asked:

  • To decide whether or not you want to have treatment
  • To choose between different types of treatment
  • If you want to continue with the same treatment.

What you choose to do should depend on what is important to you.

It can help to write a list of the questions you want answered and take it to your appointment.

If you’re asked to make a choice, you may have more questions that you want to ask. You may also want to talk over your options with your family and friends which is fine, you don’t have to make a decision there and then.

We want to know what’s important to you

healthcare worker talking to patient

First Community Health and Care use shared decision making to improve outcomes for service users and to understand what’s important to them.

Your health, your decision

Make a note of any other questions you would like to ask during your consultation. 

Remember, you can bring someone else with you to your appointment such as a relative, carer or friend, or a chaperone can be arranged. Please let us know when booking your appointment if a chaperone is needed.


*Ask 3 Questions is based on Shepherd HL, et al. Three questions that patients can ask to improve the quality of information that physicians give about treatment options: A crossover trial. Patient Education and Counselling, 2011;84: 379-85