Care Home Advisors

Our Care Home Nurse Advisors use an advisory, supportive and facilitative approach to enable care home staff to manage their residents’ care needs competently and confidently.

What does the service provide?

patient lying in bed

The Nurse Advisors for Care Homes’ mission is to empower care homes to reduce avoidable hospital admissions/attendance. They aim to reduce the number of residents who live in care homes being transferred unnecessarily to hospital, including those at the end of their lives.The service covers Care Homes with Nursing and Residential homes within East Surrey (not including those homes registered for Learning Disability or Mental Health).

Our team

The service has two part time Nurse Advisors for Care Homes who are passionate about the care of residents living in care homes. Their aspiration is for residents to live as well as possible, with their health needs being appropriately managed, until they reach the very end of their lives.

Care home staff can access support and information here.


Call: 01883 347589

Address: No base. Patients seen in home. 

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm