Community Matrons

What does the service provide?

Community Matrons work to improve the health and quality of life of people with long-term conditions by co-ordinating care and services. We put together a plan for your care based on a full assessment of your medical, nursing and care needs. The plan includes ways to manage your health, so that you remain well for longer and anticipates any future needs you may have. The Community Matron will teach you, your carers and family to recognise changes to your condition that could lead to a deterioration in your health, and ensure that you know how to get appropriate help.

Our team

Community Matrons are experienced registered nurses. We work with other teams out in the community and provide assessment, planning and care for people with a range of health and social care needs.

How to refer

You can be referred into the service by your doctor (GP) or other health care professional. We will contact you to assess your needs and will organise to see you in your own home.