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Community Multiple Sclerosis service - Information for patients and carers

When you have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) it can be difficult to find the right advice, support or care It may be you have a health problem or a need for equipment.

Sometimes knowing who does what is confusing and can put you off seeking the help you need.

People with MS in this area are offered the support of an MS Nurse Specialist.

The MS nurse specialist can provide:

  • Information and support for patients who have recently been diagnosed with MS about the condition and treatments available.
  • When possible, we run an information day for those newly diagnosed with MS. This session gives an introduction to MS with speakers discussing various aspects of living with the condition.
  • Ongoing information and support for people affected by MS including their family and carers
  • Onward referral and information about other services that can support you in managing your MS
  • Teaching for health and social care staff to help them understand MS
  • Input into service developments for people affected by MS.

Who is eligible for the MS specialist nurse service?

The service is for anyone who has a confirmed diagnosis of MS and is registered with a GP in the east surrey area.

How do I get to see the MS nurse specialist?

You can refer yourself to the service, it doesn’t need to be through your neurologist, GP or other health or social care professional, although with your permission they may pass your details on.

How do I contact the MS nurse specialist?

By phone, letter or e-mail.

You may be asked to complete a brief registration form which asks for some background details and how your MS is currently affecting you. Once this has been returned we will contact you and arrange a time to meet you.

This first appointment occurs in clinic or your own home, with family members or carers present if you wish.

When should I contact the MS nurse?

  • If you have a question about your MS or treatment options
  • If you are concerned by any symptoms you are experiencing
  • If you think you may be having a relapse
  • If you are finding it difficult to cope with any aspect of your MS.
  • If you need advice about medication
  • If you are admitted to hospital either due to your MS or for any other reason
  • If in doubt phone your MS Nurse.

Hours worked

This service operates 30 hours a week generally Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8:30- 16:30 excluding bank holidays. The MS Nurse is often out of the office, in clinic or on home visits but it is possible to leave a message and your call should be returned within two working days.

Our contact details

Tel: 01883 733892


Further advice

The following organisations also offer support, advice and information:

MS Society

Tel: 0808 800 8000


MS Trust

Tel: 01462 476700



Tel: 01206 226500



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