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The Community Physiotherapy Service Leaflet

What is the Community Physiotherapy Service?

It is a service that provides specialist physiotherapy rehabilitation across east Surrey to patients in their homes, residential homes and nursing homes. This includes advice and education so patients, their family, and/or carers are better able to manage their condition.

The service is specifically for individuals who are housebound or unable to attend an outpatient physiotherapy setting. This means a full assessment of the patient’s living conditions can be done to allow for a rehabilitation programme which is best suited for their circumstances.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a holistic approach to healthcare. This means that areas such as lifestyle, work and leisure are considered while treating a wide range of medical conditions and injuries. The main purpose of physiotherapy is to help restore function, activity and independence, and to help prevent further injury and illness.

Consent - it’s your choice

When a member of the Community Physiotherapy Service asks you to agree to any type of examination or treatment, remember, you always have a choice. You are free to decline or ask for further information before you make up your mind.The therapist will need to examine you and for this you may need to undress the appropriate part of the body. As part of the examination the therapist is likely to need to touch relevant areas of your body. Please remember you have the right to decline examination or treatment at any time should you choose.

Additional family or staff member

You, or the staff member seeing you may prefer for family or additional staff to be present during a physiotherapy session. We actively encourage patients’ family members or advocates to be present and involved with the rehabilitation process.

Your initial appointment

This is an assessment and the following will be discussed:

  • When your symptoms first started
  • Your general health (past and present)
  • What medications you take currently
  • What goals you would like to achieve from your physiotherapy sessions.

On-going treatment

As part of your treatment you may be given a home exercise programme to follow. This programme is important to your recovery - please follow the instructions given.

If it is appropriate, you may be asked to attend an education or exercise class. The frequency and number of follow up appointments will be decided by your therapist based on clinical needs.

As part of your treatment you may be loaned or issued equipment. A deposit or payment may be required for certain pieces of equipment.

Please notify your physiotherapist if you have to cancel your appointment, giving as much notice as possible.

All appointment times are approximate. We do our best to see you within 15 minutes either side of the scheduled time. Please ensure you are available for one hour either side of your scheduled time slot.

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