First-rate care, First-rate people, First-rate value



Our values underpin all that we do at First Community.

First-rate care

We are trained and knowledgeable professionals committed to providing seamless high quality, timely and safe care without boundaries. We are empathetic to the needs of service users, their families and carers, celebrating patient choice.

First-rate people

We are caring, conscientious, compassionate and approachable people, supported to develop our potential. We are respectful and listen, to understand what is important to others. We are effective at communicating with confidence and authenticity. We are flexible and adaptable to our community and its requirements of health care services.

First-rate value

We are efficient and effective in our business, continually learning and improving, and are intellectually curious. We deliver value for money, bespoke care, focused on the health of the service user. We offer value back into the community, leaving a social impact locally.


To work in partnership with people living and working in our community to deliver outstanding lifelong local NHS healthcare, supporting everyone to achieve their potential.