Tissue Viability

What does the service provide?

We work in conjunction with other health care professionals who may also be involved in your care. We provide specialist advice and treatment for the prevention and management of pressure ulcers, surgical and other complex wounds. The trained tissue viability nurse will be able to offer evidence-based advice and guidance. We are a community-based service, where we will visit patients in their home and in residential and nursing home environments.

We also provide an on-going comprehensive education programme based on evidence and expert opinion for community and primary health care professionals, on all aspects of wound management.

Watch the short video below from Denise Murray, Tissue Viability Nurse who shares useful information and knowledge to help prevent pressure ulcers from forming and affecting so many people each year.

How to refer

We receive faxed referrals from a health professional only. This could be your doctor (GP), practice nurse, district nurse or nursing home staff. We triage referrals and aim to respond within seven working days.